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How does it feel, Kyu? 

140913: chanbulge wants to break free

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baby breath

embarrassed!kong (#⌒∇⌒#)ゞ

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bts hypothetical bedroom skills: namjoon


standard disclaimer: this series is, in the wise words of my friend lorraine because she’s a lot more eloquent than i could ever be: how bts would hypothetically fuck speaking strictly hypothetically in a hypothetical situation full of hypothetical happenstances 

so since kim motherfucking namjoon is of age, I don’t have to prequel this as much but again, given that he’s in a committed relationship, I think namjoon would be one of those people who is really adorable half the time and a literal beast and smoothass fuck the other half. 



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12 random gifs you wished you could just take LEE DONGHAE to bed and do things with to him (i just really have to.sorry not sorry)

a sun god in his former life probably

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Jay x Dαzєd & Cσиfυѕєd.

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20/100 gifs of Chanyeol Two Moons

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